CANAVESE is a rich territory, all to discover. Natural beauties and castles, lakes and pleasant hills, churches and sanctuaries, residences, breathtaking landscapes and uncontamined country.

MAGLIONE, where we are, is strategically located compared with many places of cultural, landscaped, oenogastronomical interest.

We are on the threshold of the ANFITEATRO MORENICO, area of great geologic and landscaped interest. Unique natural monument in Europe, extraordinary work constructed from the glacier balteo due to its drawing back during neozoic period, the amphitheater is delimited by an intact hill series.

Inside this territory the NET ECOMUSEALE develops together numerous municipalities.

We are also on the ROYAL ROAD of TORINO WINES and on VIA FRANCIGENA designed from pilgrims who went to Rome. The Archbishop Sigerico, returning to Canterbury from Rome in the 990, annotated in a diary seventy-nine completed stages and until now this manuscript represents the official route of VIA FRANCIGENA.  Livorno Ferraris (VC)

Half an hour from Maglione there are SIRIO lake and VIVERONE lake.

You really will do what you feel like among lakes, mountain, country, horses, carriages and mountain bikes for an holiday far from the usual tourist trips.

Scuderia JeG Strada Monforno Cascina Belvedere Cavaglià (BI)

Equigames Horses Club Castel'Apertole (VC)


And please remind that during third Sunday of each month you can visit the famous Market of the ANTIQUE DEALING of Borgo d'Ale, five minutes from Maglione.  In summer time guided tours to MACAM of Maglione are available and the annual festivity of peaches too. 


Masino Masino Masino

SHRINES of OROPA where, after the visit of the Basilica, you may venture into the NATURAL RESERVE, declared by UNESCO world mankind patrimony, and into the BOTANICAL GARDEN in which a WWF Oasis is present.

CASTLE OF MASINO, today FAI property, ancient residence of Valperga Masino Counts surrounded by an immense park which is also visited. During the year there are many events.

CASTLE OF AGLIE' on the 1100yr foundations, later on enlarged and embellisched it became the residence of King Carlo Felice and Maria Cristina di Borbone. State owned since 1939, you may also visit the park.   www.ilcastellodiagliè.it



Manifestazione Manifestazione Manifestazione Manifestazione

In the sorroundings of MAGLIONE you will have the opportunity to attend various events including historical ones.

IVREA: the FAIR of SAN SAVINO  whit the carriages parade and horse market and the famous historical CARNIVAL 

CUORGNE': the May tournament and Palio at the COURT of KING ARDUINO. 

MAGLIONE : during the feast of patron SAINT MAURIZIO the procession of MATARILLE and HALBERDS



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